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Hear from some of the gorgeous women we’ve worked with

Over the last few years, we’ve had plenty of successes with women who came to us for help discovering their authentic selves and finding the love they truly deserve.

Meet M, previous LoaWellness client

Prior to joining the programme, M had been in a couple of long-term, albeit unhealthy, relationships. One was a marriage lasting 14 years. She was aware she had a habit of staying in unhealthy situations longer than she should.


With the most recent relationship ending over four years ago, she had put her efforts into self-development, got a new job, relocated countries and even revived her passion for painting.


She felt as if she was in a much better place, thanks to the four years of growth. But she was still faced with the struggle of being unable to find the right partner.  


Fed up with attracting numerous dates but being unable to find a satisfying long-term commitment, she recognised a need for change, and chose to invest in her love life with LoaWellness.  


This is M in her own words…


The most valuable skill I learned from my journey with Ore at LoaWellness was effective communication. This is something I had struggled with my entire life. But I’ve now come to trust my judgement and I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from my heart.


“I found out the painful truth about the person I was invested in and saved myself years of heartache. How had I failed to recognise the lack of empathy and narcissism in him? I began to see how intimacy and sexual compatibility can be blinding and also addictive.”

Testimonials from current and past clients

“Ore was very easy to communicate with and helped me feel comfortable opening up to her. She is a great listener and able to unfold conversations to a point where underlying matters which may go unnoticed are laid bare. Overall, we are off to a good start and I’m looking forward to our next session.

Anonymous, UK 


“My sessions with Ore made me realise I had been perceiving self-care, respect, love and awareness as selfish. This mislabelling had been stopping me from embracing and maintaining boundaries and being assertive. Although I noticed I was changing, there was a part of me which was hesitant to embrace it because I was scared it was only temporary. It has been almost a year now and I have been really good at not going back to old habits.” 

Anonymous, UK  


“Through my journey with Ore and LoaWellness, I realised that with effective communication and active listening, there are a lot of people who are willing to reveal themselves to you, if you allow them. And now, by being able to get in touch with my own core values and needs, I’m finding myself really drawn to someone with similar experiences and values as me… without compromising physical attraction and quality of life.”

Anonymous, Switzerland  

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