About transformational coaching

A new approach

Hi, my name is Ore Ajakaiye. I’m a trained psychologist and accredited transformational coach.

I work with women across age groups and sexuality to help them improve their relationships with others and themselves.

My integrated approach provides a transformational space for self-reflection and discovery.

Learn how to cultivate self-love and awareness to achieve peace and clarity in your life.

How does transformational coaching work?

Transformational coaching empowers you to bring about lasting life changes. This happens through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, masterclasses and set exercises.

It’s psychological: transformational coaching explores your core beliefs, values, expectations and patterns which guide the choices you make.

It’s holistic: it builds on the assumption that everything in your life is connected and that you have all the resources you need to bring about positive change.

It’s integrated: it has evolved from many schools of thought, so I am able offer you a bespoke way of working that draws from many disciplines.

It’s transformative: with the right commitment, it can empower you to build the present and future of your dreams!

Why is transformational coaching so important?

As children and young adults, many of us had big plans for the rest of our lives.

Unfortunately, as we get older, we often realise that not everything goes according to plan. Often, life gets in the way.

But those who are able to step into themselves and fully realise their dreams feel more fulfilled in life.

Transformational coaching can help you find what’s right for you, in relationships, in dating, in your whole approach to life.

What can I offer?


The LOA Wellness 12-week programme includes access to nine masterclasses, six one-on-one coaching sessions and a number of self-reflective exercises. Additional self-love and emotional resources, plus email support, are available.


I help each of my clients work around bad habits, negative self-image issues and the perceived limitations that are holding them back.


Together, we will focus on your positive talents and abilities, and help you get closer to achieving your relationship and life goals.

Let’s talk

I’m always looking for the next challenge. Contact me today!