About LoaWellness Transformational Coaching

A new approach

Hi, my name is Ore Ajakaiye. I’m a trained psychologist and accredited transformational coach.


I work with independent, driven and successful women across age groups and sexuality, helping them to connect with their authentic feminine self.


Our work together encourages them to be in energetic alignment, so they can experience an authentic, unconditional relationship with their higher vibrational match.


My integrated approach provides a transformational space for deep introspective work and discovery.


Learn to step away from the exhausted stigma and guilt that comes with being a successful woman.


Give yourself permission to cultivate self-love and experience blissful serenity in your life.

How does LoaWellness transformational coaching work?

Do you ever pause to challenge your core beliefs, values, patterns and the burden of expectation that have been placed on you?


Are you aware of how your preconceived notions have been guiding the choices you make in relationships on a subconscious level?


Do you wonder why you are able to excel in your career yet it’s like pulling teeth when it comes to meeting the ideal partner?


Do you find that although you get romantic interest, you often end up sabotaging the situation?


Well guess what? It’s time to welcome your true authentic self into your love life.


The thing is, your true authentic self may already be showing up in other areas of your life, hence your driven personality. But for some reason, when it comes to love it seems to be a completely different story.


That’s okay, because thankfully, everything in your life is connected. Which means we can replicate the accomplishment you experience in your friendships, career and passion projects, and bring this success into your love life.


With the right commitment, you can amplify your latent talents and gifts, recognise and bask in your divine feminine self and silence the voice of your harsh inner critic so you stop repeating unhealthy cycles.


The integrated hybrid approach of LoaWellness has evolved from many schools of thought and offers you a meaningful and bespoke way of working that draws from many disciplines, specifically psychology, transformational coaching and yogic principles.

What is LoaWellness transformational coaching?

As bright-eyed children and young adults, many of us had grand plans for the rest of our lives.

Even though we may have doubted ourselves along the way, we still pushed through to achieve our goals.

With each push our resilience builds, but sadly, each push also slowly chips away at us.

We start to realise that no matter how much we plan, not everything goes as we think it should. Life gets in the way.

Connecting to your authentic self via the LoaWellness programme helps you to retain that strength you built from resilience but brings back the sparkle into your eyes.

What to expect

For the next eight weeks, be prepared to uncover and realign behavioural patterns and beliefs subconsciously holding you back from your true vibrational match.


To reconnect on the higher level you deserve, you have to give yourself permission to prioritise your emotional wellbeing without feeling like you are being selfish or indulgent.


Us women have a tendency to occasionally splurge on big ticket items (that must-have designer handbag, anyone?) to treat ourselves. But, ironically, we get sucked into the stigma that the emotional side of self-care is somehow selfish.


With LoaWellness, you will spend time opening up to your innermost being, reawakening or reaffirming your desires and making the commitment to begin respecting, appreciating and cherishing yourself and your desires.

Let’s talk

I’m always looking for the next challenge. Contact me today!