Last week we gathered 42 amazing women online to explore the true dynamics of love, authenticity and relationships.

It was the first in a series of free Deep Dive Into Love programmes with LoaWellness, and we learned a lot…

Don’t worry if you missed out. We’ll be running another free five-day session from 22 March. More details about that later…

Our first programme offered a packed schedule designed to help ambitious, successful women explore some of the barriers they face when trying to cultivate deeper relationships.

They came with so many questions, from how to meet a new partner organically, to how to stop picking the same guy and repeating the same patterns.

Each day we worked through their questions during live Facebook sessions, which wrapped up daily topics and exploratory tasks.

It was an eye-opening experience for everyone. And we offered insight into how positive your relationships can become if you open yourself up to self-awareness, honesty and love.

We think you’ll agree these are strange times, and it’s a great moment to step back and explore our relationships to ourselves and others.

Even though we may not be able to meet up and share our experiences the way we could pre-pandemic, we still believe in the importance in creating space for self-examination, reflection and intention-setting.

So we were thrilled so many women took part, and look forward to welcoming more attendees soon.

Read on to learn more about what we covered and how to get involved next time…


Day One: your goals

We were really interested to find out what our attendees envision their end goal to be. What kind of relationship are they looking for and what is their ideal partner like?

Ok, so this task may seem easy on paper. But over and over again, people begin to realise that past experiences weigh heavy on their relationship expectations. We asked our attendees to take a moment to acknowledge this. Break free from it. Clear the space they need.

This first session gave them a new confidence. Because when you have a destination in sight, the directions leading you there become clear.


Day Two: your resources and support

We began to examine the ‘How’ behind our relationship goals. We’d already explored ‘What’ is important, and ‘Why’, on Day One. Now we needed to look into the dynamics of authentic relationship-building.

We discussed the art of becoming more selective about who and how we date. When to introduce sex into the dynamic. Dating apps and exchanging numbers. We also talked about finding yourself an accountability buddy, who you can check in with for support.


Day Three: the four elements

We covered the LoaWellness four elements philosophy. That is, for a healthy, happy, authentic relationship, we need Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing.

Everyone might have different notions of what these four elements mean to them, so we spent time talking about Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual aspects in love and partnerships.

Our attendees undertook tasks exploring these key cornerstones, in relation to their future goals and past relationship experiences.

The aim was to help the women solidify the alignment – or misalignment – they already have between their current reality and preferred ideal relationship.

The results were really illuminating here! Some women realised they were more on track than they’d previously realised, while others discovered key areas that are in misalignment for them.

A really useful day’s work all round!


Day Four: cultivate the love

Our attendees started to become familiar with what sort of self-care activities they can cultivate to help boost the vibration of each element (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

Because at LoaWellness we believe every relationship we have with others is a mirror to the relationship we have with ourselves.

And great partnerships can only start from one place, and that is yourself.

So, we strongly advocate self-love practices as a path to having the love life you deserve and as a wellbeing tool.

Day Four really was a Deep Dive Into Love – and all our women learned a lot about the relationship they have with themselves.


Day Five: self-love and the dating scene

This session was all about exploring our boundaries and the issues we may have creating the space we need for self-love.

Boundaries create emotional health, and once you learn to respect yours and others’, you’ll notice a massive difference in your emotional stability, self-esteem and confidence.

So, on Day Five, our women undertook some exercises to determine whether they were already creating healthy boundaries, were lacking boundaries or had, instead, built walls to keep people out.

Because, at LoaWellness, we understand that the first and most important step to making any change is awareness. Secondly it’s more exploration and plan setting. Lastly is practice, practice and more practice!


Client love

We had some amazing feedback from our Five Day Deep Dive Into Love! We can’t wait to welcome our next group of amazing women into the fold when the programme returns on 22 March.

Here are some of the thoughts and feelings our first group of women shared:

“How I ever thought I was compatible with my ex-husband is beyond me. I am LOVING this five days – it’s thought-provoking to say the least!”

“This has really shown me that I focus on the mental connection to avoid the emotional connection. So my goal is to look at how I can form a deeper emotional connection. And to be comfortable with emotional vulnerability while maintaining healthy boundaries.”

“I think the five days have helped me see things I already knew in a slightly different way and to also see that those things are changeable with a few small shifts.”


Get involved

Ok, feeling inspired and ready to take some positive action? Our next deep dive adventure runs from 22 to 26 March 2021. It’s all about taking decisive action AND engagement in the private group – so we all get the maximum benefit from it.

It’s confidential, motivational and completely free… what’s not to like? Here’s the sign-up link so you can register to attend.

We can’t wait to see you there!