The Welcoming of January 2021 brought along the hope of return to normal. 

This may have seen many stay hopeful and set an intention to find love this year but  are now heavily relying on dating apps. Some on the other hand may completely shelved the idea of finding a new relationship.

Yet we are now in February and the ease up on social restrictions still feels far from our grasp.

Here at Loawellness, we believe it’s one thing to say no to love as a personal choice. It is a completely different story turning your back on love out of what you feel is necessity.

Thinking now is not the time to find the blissful relationship you deserve?

What if we told you it’s the opposite and now is ACTUALLY the right time to lay foundations for a fruitful relationship!

We recently launched three new tailored programmes for ambitious women looking to build a meaningful and blissful relationship. On the 1st of March we will be opening the doors to the first programme cycle of 2021

To set the tone for our first programme cycle, we are hosting a free five-day deep dive adventure into love.


So what exactly is the Five day deep dive adventure into love?

Here at Loawellness we believe prioritising your Self-Love and Well-being to be the foundation of any passionate, connected relationship

We also don’t believe in just talking the talk but not walking the walk. This is why we empower your loving intentions with practical applications for you to have the successful relationship you deserve.

Calling all ambitious and driven women over 30 who are ready for love

The five days reveals how you can start to attract a meaningful relationship you want by gaining clarity on your love life.  What’s more, it will help you cultivate self-love and make time for your well-being

Join us in the FREE 5 day deep dive adventure. Start to fix your exhausted stigma of the ambitious woman who excels in lots of things yet seems unlucky in love.

We do this by celebrating you taking decisive action on the practical steps you need to start creating deeper love

The event will be hosted by owner of Loawellness Ore Ajakaiye

Ore is a trained psychologist and accredited transformational coach who works with independent and driven women, helping them to connect with their true authentic self


In the Five days, you’ll discover
  • How to become drawn to someone with similar experiences and values as them who is worth your time…without compromising physical attraction or quality of life


  • Highly effective ways to get clear on what you want from a new love interest at the start, without coming across as pushy so you never have to settle for less than the whole package.


  • Simple ways to avoid commitment-phobes, flakes and time wasters, even if that’s who you’ve always attracted in the past


You’ll also be given exclusive access to our private deep-dive adventure members online facebook group. Along with everyone else taking part in the deep dive adventure


What to expect

The deep dive adventure will run from Monday 22 February until Friday 26 February. It is all about taking decisive action AND engagement in the private group – so we all get the maximum benefit from it.

As you choose to show up for yourself each step of the way, I promise to also show up for you and support you every step of the way.

Reserve your place now!