2021 has seen no easing up of covid quarantine restrictions, as new variants of the virus sweep across the UK, Europe and beyond.

For some, this could be hampering hopes for finding a new, promising relationship. For others, it could be putting existing relationships under pressure.

Chances are, the last thing people would consider is why now is the time to lay foundations for a fruitful relationship.

Truth is, perception counts and this is not necessarily lost time if we make the most of it. This means using the time to explore how we can begin to set in motion our intentions for our relationship.

In anything we do our intention matters and the WHY behind the intention is arguably even more important.

To help get to the why, we start by first noticing what is in front of us. We want to take stock of what’s working and what isn’t. The insight we gain will either give us our WHY or help us reaffirm it.

Next, we build on this information by exploring techniques to achieve deeper connection for a strong relationship foundation


1- It’s up to you 

You have to be honest with yourself and ask if you feel ready for a relationship

Often, we base our desire for a relationship on circumstances. Recognise that loneliness, peer comparison, getting older or sometimes even boredom aren’t great reasons to start a relationship.

To lay the best foundation for a fruitful relationship, you want to go within and explore the following:

Are you in the right place emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually for a relationship?


Answering yes means you have released preconceived expectations of what a relationship is meant to look or feel like. It also means you are fully aware of your emotional needs and how you respond to your partners emotional needs.

Bonus point if you also know how to ensure these needs are met.

And let’s not forget communication. Being ready to dive into a deeper and more meaningful relationship as well as maintain it requires cultivating active listening and intentional speaking habits.


2- Know yourself 

If step one already has you feeling flustered and thinking having a fruitful relationship is all a pipe dream, don’t panic!

Achieving a state of readiness is within reach if you make time for introspection and get to know yourself completely

It is a costly assumption people make in thinking we should already know ourselves especially as we get older. This is often where people fall short in taking beneficial steps to welcome changes that would significantly improve their circumstance.

First recognise that it is okay if you don’t yet fully know your self at this stage in life.

Secondly do the work.

This involves understanding what fears your subconscious is currently holding onto and convincing you is true. Our unaddressed intrinsic fears govern our behaviours from the inside and form patterns in our lives we have come to accept (work, relationships, money, etc).

Record your fears, spend time with them, challenge them and question what you can do differently to rewrite new patterns.

This is where a regular self-journaling practice comes in handy. To get started and get in the habit, you can join me live on Instagram at 5.30pm on a Wednesday to get journaling!


3- Self-love 

We repeat this mantra a lot on LoaWellness, but if you don’t know how to appreciate, care for and love yourself, how will you be able to accept this from others?

Additionally, the way you love, treat and respect yourself sets the tone for all your relationships, particularly romantic relationships

Some things to consider are:
  • How is your physical wellbeing looking currently? (eating habits, weekly physical routine?)
  • Are you wrapped up in the media or do you take mental breaks from technology every now and then?
  • Do you take time to feed your soul? (passion project, hobbies, nurtured talents, causes you believe in)


Using this time to lay foundations for a fruitful relationship is as easy nourishing your mind, body, and soul


4- Why now is right to delve inwards 

When the world was ‘normal’ we begged for more time and complained about work commutes impacting our me time. We also knew we had to make time for socialising with family and friends and this also ate into our me time.

We now have more time, yet it is being filled it with more work calls or complaints about boredom.A better use of the hiatus in ‘normal’ social activities would be committing to a meaningful personal journey.

Loawellness provides a great pathway to commit to your growth and get you in the right place mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Together, we gain clarity on where you are now and where you would like to be with your love life. We then follow up with practical steps you should be taking to help you lay foundations for the fruitful relationship you want

With the right commitment, we can create the space you need to experience the blissful relationship you deserve.


5- Starting out on the right footing 

Many people go into relationships filled with expectations yet ironically lack intention.

When the pre- dating self -exploration is completed, we want to keep the momentum of growth we have achieved going. This requires stripping away old dating habits which are not aligned with your desired outcome of a meaningful and blissful relationship.

You know how you can normally ‘read’ other people’s vibe? For example, we say things like hmm I feel like he is trying too hard or She acts like I’m boring

Well this ‘vibe reading’ goes both ways and our energies and intention are bound to dictate who we attract. Remember to be mindful and respectful of your thoughts and actions when interacting with a potential love interest


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