Are you ready to proudly own your presence, success and desires? Are you looking for an improved sense of wellbeing? Are you ready to connect with passion and with a healthy serving of commitment? Learn how to find your authentic partner with our new transformational coaching services.

We’re excited to announce three new tailored programmes for ambitious women looking to build a meaningful and blissful relationship with their true match.

These programmes help ensure access to deeper, more authentic relationships is within reach regardless of your past experiences, present responsibilities, time constraints or financial situation.

We understand that navigating your career, family, social commitments and relationship goals can be overwhelming. And sometimes it’s our deeper connections with others which can suffer.

So, after months of research and client feedback, we’ve created three pathways for women who wish to uncover their true authentic self.

Our approach has evolved from many schools of thought. As a result, we offer you a bespoke way of working that draws from many disciplines – psychology, transformational coaching and yogic principles.

For eight weeks, you’ll discover behavioural patterns and beliefs which are subconsciously holding you back from your true vibrational match.

But, we understand that personal development is different for each person. And with this in mind, we’ve created three options for you to choose from:

Choice 1: Introductory Principles package
Choice 2: Discovering True Authenticity package
Choice 3: Deeper Dive into the Divine package

Ideally, you’ll want your choice to be guided by how in-depth a transformational change you’d like to achieve.


Introductory Principles package

This option is great for those fairly new to the self-love journey. And it’s ideal if you want to benefit from the knowledge and resources of a psychologist and transformational coach.

The package includes core modules, presented in weekly masterclasses. In addition, you’ll receive self-reflective exercises, course materials and email support, among other things. Also, you’ll be able to access and digest the information at your own pace.


Discovering True Authenticity package

This is more in-depth and committed option. So it’s ideal if you are more confident and ready to honour your authentic divine feminine, but are still a little jaded about the prospect of a dramatic vibrational love shift.

The great perk of this package is you benefit from weekly coaching and mentoring time with a psychologist and self-love transformational coach. Also, you get access to a community of likeminded women.

This package includes everything in the Introductory Principles package plus weekly group Q&A calls, two one-on-one calls and more.


Deeper Dive into the Divine package

This is the most intensive, yet most rewarding, of all the choices. Why? Because it’s been especially curated for women ready to honour their true authentic divine feminine self in all her glory.

It’s designed for women who are willing to create the space needed to experience a passionate, exciting, connected, blissful and serene relationship.

So, it includes everything in the Introductory Principles and Discovering True Authenticity packages plus extra personal support. You can expect more regular one-on-one sessions, daily text support plus follow-up sessions after the programme ends.

Find out more about what is offered in each package here.


How it works

Firstly, we need to find out if we’re the right fit to work together. So, we start with a meeting of minds – a Chemistry Call – to discover your unique challenges. We also want to know your desired outcomes.

From there, you are invited to select the programme that feels right for you.


Making connections

We know that becoming your authentic self and truly living your relationships in the way you desire can be daunting.

So, with LoaWellness, you’ll have a community of women on a similar path to you. This means a gorgeous group of souls rooting for you every step of the way.


Next steps – learn how to find your authentic partner

If you feel you’re ready to take the next step, book your complimentary Chemistry Call so we can discuss things further.

Or you may be curious to know more about each programme tier, and are interested in our pricing structure. If so, please see Next Steps.

Want to learn about other women’s experiences on this special journey? Visit our Client Love page. Also, we offer daily insights, tips and advice on our Instagram channel. Come find us!