This week, we’re taking a look at what it means to have clear goals in our lives and how to set powerful intentions for 2021.

Acting with intention is the starting point to every achievement, large and small.

It is the will that drives us to fulfil our needs, whether for love and deeper relationships, money, life changes or spiritual consciousness.

We need to nourish our intentions – like seeds – so they can grow and flourish.

But first of all, we need to decide what our intentions are and then commit to helping them propagate.

When we set intentions, it can be life-changing. You will not only achieve your goals easier, but you will also become more aware of your day-to-day pattern and the habits that can sometimes hinder your progress.

Here we offer some simple steps on how to set powerful intentions for 2021,


So, why is intention-setting so important?

It helps us to drive and maintain the focus of our energy. Like the saying goes… ‘if you stand for nothing you will fall for everything’.

Our lives are always filled with a long to-do list, not to mention all the unexpected surprises that turn up along the way.

Understandably, we can get side-tracked and try to do everything all at once. And we can end up either doing nothing at all, or all of them but not to the best of our ability.

When you commit with intention, your goals become much more tangible. Forget the doomed-to-fail New Year’s Resolutions so many of us struggle with, and think about your most authentic needs and desires.


How do you begin to contemplate what your intentions might be? 

This requires a level of self-honesty. You could begin by reflecting on the last two to three years and ask yourself which aspects of your life have caused you the most heartache, stress or anxiety, and which have left you feeling depleted.

In my experience, I find intention-setting is more powerful if you place emphasis on self-development and personal growth.

For example, even if you want to set an intention that results in owning a property, instead of setting the goal to save up for a house, set an intention to improve your relationship with money.

Another example: rather than a generic weight loss goal, set an intention to be more in tune with your physical wellbeing and help your body function at its optimum.


How do you know if your intentions are right for you?

What has drawn you towards the intention? It helps to understand if you are being influenced by what everyone else is doing or if your intentions are being driven by an intrinsic need for change.


Simple steps to setting out powerful intentions that work for you:


Make your intentions purposeful 

As we’ve already discovered, intentions that are authentic and driven by deep internal needs are more likely to resonate in the longer term.


Learn to connect emotionally

This is like a cheat sheet. There is no stronger motivator than an intention driven by your emotions. You’re more likely to manifest an intention you truly believe in and identify with.

Every time you want to settle for less or deviate from your intention, your emotions are a great asset to bring you back to the ‘why’ of your desire.


Go at whichever pace works for you

Typically, people consider intention-setting around the New Year and this is partly conditioned. Brand new calendar year, new month, first day of the year… brand new me.

However, I challenge you to test out different cycles.

Personally, I am inspired by nature. After reading this article a couple of years back, I decided to try setting my intentions in tune with the seasons rather than the calendar year.

So now, I begin my intention-setting and planting the seeds of change in March, at the start of spring.

In the summertime I ramp up the energy, love, focus and action. And, by autumn, I work on making the projects materialise.

Winter is mainly spent taking stock of the cycle. I give gratitude and reflect on what worked well and what I want to adjust.

Some people base their intention-setting on the moon cycle! Explore and see what works best for you.


And lastly, make sure you keep it simple

I recommend setting no more than three intentions at a stretch. This way, you can give them more of your attention and focus. Having too many intentions could dilute your purpose.


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