Transformational coaching provides a confidential, open, collaborative and non-judgemental space to help you focus on your thoughts, challenges and potential goals.

You are guided on a self-awareness journey which allows you to explore your truth and connect it to many areas of your life.

It’s a powerful tool for cultivating change and emotional wellbeing. And that’s why it’s getting so many wellness experts excited.


What are the guiding principles of transformational coaching?

Coaching can focus on many themes, from instigating a career or lifestyle change to achieving your health goals or improving relationships with friends, romantic partners or family members.

There are several guiding principles which inform transformational coaching. These are:

  • Self discovery: coaching aims to help you understand yourself and your model of the world more fully, since this is where all change starts
  • Action oriented: coaching aims to deliver practical results outside the coaching environment
  • Empowering: coaching should ultimately leave you with the skills you need for successful self-management and achievement
  • Results driven: coaching needs to be measurable by focusing on clearly defined goals and outcomes
  • Non-advisory: coaching encourages you to dig deeper for your own solutions, and recognise that your coach doesn’t have the right answers
  • Non-judgemental: once the coach agrees to work with you, they cease to judge your decisions or actions, but instead create an open conversation which enables self-scrutiny
  • Equality: the relationship between you and your coach is one of mutual respect and trust, with a shared ambition to generate the desired results from coaching


How does transformational coaching actually work in practice?

Through weekly sessions with your coach, you will begin to unpack the conscious and unconscious patterns which determine how you think and interact with the world.

Once you become aware of these – both negative and positive – you are well on your way to truly connecting with your authentic self.


What is a coaching session like with Loa Wellness?

It’s important that both of us feel comfortable working together and are able to connect with each other. For me, it’s all about rapport!

Our first ‘breakthrough’ session will provide you with a secure and confidential space to share your deepest fears and inner desires.

Then, once I understand your inner vibration and the changes you want to make, we can develop a bespoke programme to help get you there.


What are the outcomes of transformational coaching with Loa Wellness?

For me, it’s really important that our work together improves your emotional wellness and helps you heal inner wounds.

This enables to you stop repeating unhealthy relationship or life patterns.

Through our sessions, you will start to have clarity on your goals and see more clearly how to achieve them.

And you will also begin to attract new connections and understand the value you bring to your relationships. It’s powerful stuff!


How do you know it’s working?

With my clients, I generally see three major shifts.

These are: confidence to show up as their authentic self, a new ability to be truly intentional, and the skills to connect with others on a deeper level.

Once these shine through, I’m happy!


Want to learn more?

I’m a trained psychologist and accredited transformational coach. I give bespoke one-on-one sessions, online masterclasses and exploratory exercises you can do at home.

I incorporate both psychology and spirituality into my coaching, relating to my psychology qualification and training as a yoga teacher.

So, it’s a unique approach that mixes both the transformational coaching discipline with emotional and spiritual learnings.

Right now, I’m offering a free breakthrough session for anyone looking to find out more about transformational coaching.

Book your session here.


Why me?

In essence, I believe transformation is a healing process involving your body, mind and emotional core. When these are all aligned, they work together in harmony to raise your vibration.

It’s an amazing discipline I stumbled upon during my own personal journey, and I’m so glad I did!