It’s been a busy past few months for me, as I’ve just completed my Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hours. But, I’m pleased to say I can now add yoga teacher to my life coaching title!

This experience was life changing and I really could not have asked for a better training course provider. My teachers seem to have mastered the fine balance of challenge sprinkled with the right amount of support. Tears were shed, muscles ached, frustrations erupted, laughter rang and most importantly, love was shared.

Adding to all that magic, I received encouragement from the best yogis I could have ever wished for.  It was obvious the universe conspired to surround me with the right experience and people at the right time.

With the course over, I did a brainstorming session on what more I can offer as a life coach. These things came to mind:

Finding new ways to improve my social media engagement

Creating my action plan for this goal, it occurred to me that I don’t utilise what I currently have.  For example, I posted my last article on here three months ago!

Therefore, I am taking inspiration from some beautiful humans and will be posting weekly blogs. I will call these my Monday Love Letters, and their content will vary from experiences, inspiration and ideas to upcoming events.

Creating and collaborating on events 

So this is me cheating a little, as it’s already in the pipeline. Luckily, I am fortunate to come across likeminded people who share my passion and interest. This has presented me with the opportunity to partner up with a fellow life coach. We are currently collaborating on the creation of some magical mindfulness events. Our events will mark my intention of fusing of yoga and coaching.

I’m really excited about being more active on here and look forward to keeping you updated more regularly.

Got any questions? Connect with me over email, telephone or Instagram.