Welcome to your Authentic Self

You’re a successful, ambitious woman who seemingly ‘has it all’. Yet you still feel as though something is missing.

Maybe that high vibration love relationship is evading you, or you’re struggling to connect with people on a deeper level?

Together, we can unearth and heal the underlying emotional wounds that are reinforcing unhealthy relationship patterns with yourself and others.

Drop below the surface and tune into the core of your being to reconnect on a higher level

How we can help

Join the growing number of women who are working with us to discover their true authentic self.

Invest in your personal development journey and emotional wellness for a higher energetic alignment.

Let’s create the space you need to experience a passionate, exciting, connected and blissful relationship with your higher vibrational match

Who is this for?

This journey is for smart, driven women just like you, who have a zest for life but still feel as though something is missing from their personal life.


Women who are fully committed to growth and personal development. This is a life-altering journey, so be prepared!


Women who already have a level of self-awareness and are willing to participate in deep introspective exercises.


Women who are unashamedly honest with themselves. It’s challenging to be in alignment if you’re unwilling to work on self-improvement.


100% of my clients notice increased Self Awareness and profound clarity in their Relationships.

Hear what some of them have to say

You can also get a taster by watching my free masterclass:

The 5 Shifts To Attracting Your Higher Vibrational Love Match For The Relationship You Deserve

It speaks to the Authentic You

How does it work?


For profound transformation, we first need to find out if we’re the right fit to work together. That’s why we start with a meeting of minds to discover your unique challenges and desired outcomes. We tailor our programmes to connect with our clients on a personal level.


We provide three distinct programmes which offer different solutions to suit your needs. This includes one-on-one coaching sessions, deep introspective work and group masterclasses. We invite you to select the programme that feels right for you.


Becoming your authentic self and truly living your relationships in the way you desire can be daunting. With LoaWellness you’ll have a community of women on a similar path to you. This means a gorgeous group of souls rooting for you every step of the way.

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