Step into your true self with transformational coaching

Break free from unhealthy relationship patterns with yourself and others.

Drop below the surface and tune into what’s really happening at the core of your being.

Use transformational coaching to reconnect on a higher level.

What is transformational coaching?

A tailored programme to improve your emotional wellness.

Helping you heal the deep wounds that reinforce unhealthy relationship patterns with yourself and with others.

Boosting your confidence by strengthening your sense of individuality and improving your mindset on relationships.

Join the growing number of people who are connecting with their authentic self through transformation.

Who is this for? 

Anyone looking to find a deeper connection in new and existing relationships. And for those looking for new meaning in their lives or a renewed sense of purpose.


People who are fully accountable and committed to growth and personal development


People who already have some level of self-awareness and are willing to participate in deep introspective exercises


People who are unashamedly honest with themselves. It is challenging to be in alignment if you are unwilling to accept and work on your areas of improvement


My clients notice increased Self Awareness and profound clarity in their Relationships.

Get a taster by watching my free masterclass:

The 5 Shifts Women Use to Attract Their Ideal Partner for The Romantic Relationship They’ve Always Wanted

It speaks to the Authentic You

How does it work?


We start with a meeting of minds to find out more about your challenges, desired outcomes and what solutions work. We aim to develop a bespoke programme based on your individual needs.


You select a coaching package which suits you. This includes one-on-one sessions and access to our online masterclasses. We offer flexibility based on your needs and desired outcomes.


Becoming your authentic self and truly living your relationships in the way you desire can be a daunting step to take. With Loawellness you will have a community  of women on a similar path to you. This means a gorgeous tribe of souls rooting for you each step of the way

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